What is Blockchain?
Blockchain is a digital ledger which provides a secure platform for storing digital assets. Blockchain makes it easy to store digital assets as tokens, in this case, as Non-fungible tokens exclusively owned by the buyer.
What is NFTs?
NFT means Non-fungible Token and is the proof of exclusive ownership of a digital property like pictures, videos, digital art, etc.
Why should I buy NFTs of the VR6?
We believe a time will come in the future when people will no longer invest in properties in the real world due to pollution and environmental degradation. Living in virtual reality on platforms like the VR6 is going to be the order of the day. Owning a digital property like the ARK in the VR6 would be the way to go and the best time to start owning virtual real estate is today. Each digital property is mapped to a real world address and cannot be duplicated. Your ownership will be secure and exclusive to you just like in the real world.
What are VR6 and the ARK?
Vr6 is the world’s first digital property NFT metaverse. It’s a perfect combination of the real and virtual worlds as it gives property buyers an unequal advantage. VR6 has it possible to buy real-world addresses as virtual properties in virtual reality. Each property is unique and can only be purchased and owned by one person at a time.

ARK is the NFT digital property itself situated in the VR6. It mirrors an actual physical address in the real world.

What if we could build a new kind of creative agency from the ground up? An agency that could help customers with innovation and digital transformation. Don’t think of us as your supplier. We’re part of your team and work.
How does the VR6 economy work?
The VR6 economy will work according to the law of demand and supply. As soon as you own a piece of VR6 ARK, you will be able to sell or collect on Opensea.io
What does ‘true ownership’ mean? Are these VR6 virtual NFT properties actually mine?
Yes, when you make a purchase, you truly own your digital property. VR6 is the World’s first NFT Virtual Property platform. It is secured by Blockchain technology meaning that you’re the only one that has access to it. When you purchase VR6 virtual NFT properties, we will transfer it to your EOS Blockchain account, at Opensea or other NFT trading platform of your choice. This is a real EOS account, just like you could create anywhere else. The private keys to that account are generated from your email/password combination, and are not stored on our servers. The account is yours forever and the assets inside it are yours forever.
I read that VR6 is somehow connected to “Blockchain” or “crypto”. Do I have to know anything about these to participate?
You don’t need any in-depth crypto knowledge to play and become a success in VR6. It’s true that VR6 is powered by the EOS blockchain. The blockchain helps us guarantee true ownership because every transaction is recorded on an irreversible ledger. This makes it easy for you to know your property is owned by you forever! VR6 goal will be powered by the latest innovations in tech and paired with a streamlined user interface that is meant for use by everyone.
How can I buy NFT digital property from VR6?
You can simply choose the available VR6 digital NFT property of your choice and bid. You will be re-directed to Opensea, one of the largest NFT market-place where you can link up your cryptowallet and sign in to place a bid.
How can I trade VR6 digital property?
Once purchased, the ownership will be transferred to you on Opensea.io, and you are free to trade with others.
Are you really making Ready Player One a reality?
The VR6 is the World’s first Metaverse using NFT technology. In VR6, we will call all digital property an ARK, symbolizing the new future of traditional property after it has failed on earth from man's environmental and life activities like pollution, wars, etc. The ARK will serve as a new beginning for everyone.

We plan to develop ARK using NFT, where you can own these Ark in our virtual reality, the VR6, a completely open source platform similar to Minecraft where everyone helped to build the ‘Oasis’.

We are currently in the primary stage of this project where people can trade NFT properties. With your help, we plan to develop and launch the metaverse, and re-develop all the movies scenes, art museum on planet earth in details, and even expand to Mars later on.

Today, you can own a piece of NFT property which can be later used in the virtual reality - the VR6. A part of the proceeds will be used to fund and develop this game further to turn it from dreams into reality.