About Us



Let’s Rewrite Our Future 

We care about the earth and understand that the earth as we know it now will not remain the same in the next 100 years. The reason for this verdict is not far-fetched – our world is gradually being destroyed by our living activities and from all indications, this trend is not stopping any time soon.

The VR6 is the World’s first Metaverse using NFT technology. Digital Properties on VR6 are known as ARKS which basically symbolizes the residential redemption of human existence in a future to come when civilization would be different from what we know now. ARK will be processed as NFTs in the VR6 Metaverse.

At a point in the future when our world has changed, owning an ARK on the VR6 will make it possible for you to experience a preserved, well-balanced planet. You would be able to travel back in time or experience past and present events on this Virtual Reality platform.


Our Vision for VR6

We plan to build a completely new virtual world similar to the ‘Oasis’ in the movie, Ready Player One, where players and participants can own and live in virtual real estate.

We are currently in the primary stage of this project where people can trade NFT properties. We will plan and re-develop the metaverse to a level where users will be able to relive past experiences, remarkable incidents and movie scenes of their choice. For instance, you can travel back to the Titanic ship or visit a revered art museum or take a trip to Mars and other planets. Ideally, we believe that this is the best time to get onboard by owning a piece of NFT property on the VR6 platform.



VÆ had been in the computer world for a decade before it occurred to him that he wanted something more. In fact, he had been a 3D structural developer and programmer for over 10. He was an avid video game enthusiast right from a tender age. He especially loved the movie – Ready Player One and had begun to enjoy Virtual Reality gaming more ever since he watched it.

He knew at some point, he will need to find a way to get more out of his passion. The challenge was how to make it happen. This impasse boggled VÆ for a while until he gave himself a break.

However, it wasn’t until recently when NFTs – Non fungible tokens, became more popular did it occur to him that he could help interested people to own digital property whenever they wanted.

The plan began to form – to create a complete virtual world like in the movie, Ready Player One, where the players could own digital assets like in real life.

The VR6 was born after years of hard work – It is the World’s first VR6 Metaverse using NFT technology. It is a virtual reality platform mirroring our real life environment with actual existing addresses in the world’s best cities. Users can buy, sell or simply collect digital assets according to their financial value.

In the VR6, all digital property is referred to as an ARK. Ideally, the ARK symbolizes the new future of traditional property after civilization has failed on earth in a futuristic date. This is projected to happen due to man’s environmental and life activities like pollution, wars, hazardous living, etc. The ARK will serve as a new beginning for everyone who wants to experience what life on earth used to be like before the global devastation that would happen in future, thanks to our current trajectory.

At VR6, we have developed ARK using NFT so you can own property with real world addresses in virtual reality.  With assistance from digital asset buyers like you, VÆ and the VR6 team plans to develop this Metaverse. All movies scenes, art museum on planet earth will be re-developed in details, with expansion to Mars later on.

Today, you can own a piece of NFT property on the VR6. Your purchase will be exclusively yours as this NFT is securely backed by Blockchain technology. It’s also important to note that a part of the proceeds will be used to fund and develop this game further to turn it from dreams into reality.