Let’s Rewrite Our Future

We care about the world and recognize that the earth as we know it today will not be the same in the next 100 years. Many thinks otherwise, but we believe that it isn’t far-fetched – our living activities are gradually destroying our world, and all trends indicate that this will not be reversed anytime soon.

We plan to create a brand-new virtual environment, close to the ‘Oasis’ in the film Ready Player One, in which players and participants are able to own and live in their virtual real estate.

The VR6 is the World’s first VR Metaverse using NFT technology. Digital Properties on VR6 are known as ARKS which basically symbolizes the residential redemption of human existence in a future to come when civilization would be different from what we know now.

At a point in the future when our world has changed, VR6 will make it possible for you to experience a preserved, well-balanced planet. You would be able to travel back in time or experience past and present events on this VR6 platform.

Our Vision

VR6 Stage 1 – Trading Virtual Properties

We are currently in the first stage of this project, where people can purchase, sell, and trade VR6 virtual properties as an investment in the form of NFT. To maintain exclusivity, all virtual resources are 100% mapped to real-world addresses and restricted to one out of one. We also have designs for all types of NFT estate, not only land or homes, but also NFT vehicles, fashion products, and wearables.

VR6 Stage 2 – Mobile Gaming 

To ensure that VR6 reaches the widest possible audience, we intend to create the VR6 metaverse for mobile devices, so that everyone can download and experience it. It would be an open world concept, where users can walk about in VR6 metaverse, engage in game missions, search, buy, and sell their NFT virtual assets.

VR6 Stage 3 – VR Metaverse

The final stage of development, akin to “Oasis” in the film Ready Player One, in which players and participants can own and live in virtual real estate. We can plan and redesign the metaverse so that users can relive previous encounters, remarkable events, and movie scenes of their interest. For example, you can journey back in time to the Titanic, visit a renowned art gallery, or travel to Mars and other planets.


This isn’t some game.
This is VR6.

VR6 is the world’s first Metaverse using NFT technology. It’s a futuristic virtual universe that has made it possible to own NFT virtual properties called ARKs.

These are actual real-life addresses made available for purchase and ownership virtually. Every NFT property owned is unique and securely backed by Blockchain technology.

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ARKs are Limited to 1/1

Each virtual property on the VR6 are called ARK and are limited to one owner per time. Each address exists only once and mapped to real world addresses in the best locations – an address cannot appear two or more times on the VR6. Property ownership is exclusive to a sole owner on the VR6.

True Ownership

Each virtual property or ARK on the VR6 is an NFT which means its ownership is exclusive and limited to a particular individual. After purchase, you can either keep as a collection or re-sell later on the market place. This virtual NFT property is securely backed by Blockchain technology to ensure your ownership is not at risk. It’s yours forever to do as you wish!

Next Generation of Investment

NFTs are becoming more popular and for good reason, they have made digital products more profitable than ever. For instance, Mars House, the first digital NFT home was recently sold for $500,000. Properties in VR6 are named ARK and are mapped to real world addresses to guarantee an exclusive access just like in real life. Imagine owning multi-million dollar NFTs property in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, etc and see its value increase tenfold like an early investor of Bitcoin.



4 May 12PM – 13 May 5PM (EST)

The Founding Arks Collection


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VR6 Memorial Coin
(The Original Collection)

Price Ξ 0.1  
Highest Last Sale: Ξ1.75 (US$349.01)
1650% (View Trading History at Opensea)

The VR6 Memorial Coin (The Original Collection) serves as an NFT souvenir that marks the inception of the VR6 Metaverse. Though created as an NFT, the VR6 Memorial Coin (The Original Collection) is limited to 10000 units.

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Editions Sold: 1703 | Only limited VR6 Memorial Coin is available!


We understand you might have some questions with regards to the VR6 NFT platform, NFTs, ARK, etc. These are some of the most popular questions we got from our users and we believe you might want to know the answers to them.

What is VR6?
VR6 is the world’s first digital property NFT metaverse. It’s a perfect combination of the real and virtual worlds as it gives property buyers an unequal advantage. VR6 has it possible to buy real-world addresses as virtual properties in virtual reality. Each property is unique and can only be purchased and owned by one person at a time. ARK is the NFT digital property itself situated in the VR6. It mirrors an actual physical address in the real world.
What’s an NFT?
NFT means Non-fungible Token and is the proof of exclusive ownership of a digital property like pictures, videos, digital art, etc. You can turn any time to an NFT by listing it on the NFT marketplace known as OpenSea. VR6 will make it possible for you to own NFT digital real estate which you can trade on OpenSea.
Can I really own NFT properties?
Yes, you can trade NFT properties from the VR6 on OpenSea.
Are NFTs really valuable?
Yes and No.
Yes, the value of an NFT is dependent on the law of demand and supply and the development state of the VR6. It cannot be ascertained to what the value could be in the near future but it’s expected to be very much rewarding for early investors just like Bitcoin and other crypto. The VR6 is the world’s first digital property NFT metaverse. You can become part of this community and help us turn all this into a reality.
No, the value of an NFT is also determined by what the seller says it is. It may or may not be valuable depending on these factors.
How can I trade?
NFT properties on the VR6 are named ARKs and can be trade on the NFT market place known as OpenSea.io
New NFT properties will be released and auctioned every week

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